For Mrs Z

7th June 2010

This quilt has existed in my mind, & as a stack of fabric, for months (ever since I made these for Carissa). Over this past weekend, it very quickly became a quilt. It needed to be finished by today to present to my son’s kindy teacher, on their last school day together.

She is a true book-lover, so I used the “Book Club” design from Modern Quilt Workshop. The shelf heights & widths needed to be adjusted a bit to come out to the finished size I wanted (about 60″x75″). The sketch is pretty lame, but I really only did it to gauge if my updated measurements would still created a well-proportioned design. Originally, I planned to eliminate the tilted books, but I am so glad I went ahead with them. It sends a much clearer “bookshelf” vibe with the tilted books! The back includes a signature/note/drawing from each child in the class.

I was concerned about using a pattern, but it was not as painful as I imagined. It’s actually instructions rather than a true pattern – no templates, just measurements, & lots of leeway with the arrangement of the books.

As always, you can click on any picture to see it larger.

For Mrs Z

For Mrs Z For Mrs Z For Mrs Z - sketch For Mrs Z - back

18 thoughts on “For Mrs Z

  1. Vreni

    What a beautiful quilt and what a fitting gift for a teacher. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. I’ve been thinking of making something similar for my daughter who has just finished University and is going to teach 1st grade in the Autumn.

  2. Jolene

    This quilt has to be one of my favorites ever. Those tilted books just make it! I’ve been thinking of making something similar to this, only in vertical stacks to imitate my fabric stash.

  3. Linda

    What a great quilt. I was at a Quilt Exhibition this morning at a nearby Quilting Shop and saw somethings similar on display. I loved that one too!

  4. Janet

    I love this quilt. I will be borrowing the idea if you don’t mind – my sister is an avid reader and this would be perfect for her!

  5. HomeTownLife

    Awesome quilt! I’m all inspired now! And what a great quilt for using up the odds and ends that are long and skinny!

  6. Meg

    So cool! I love the tilting books! Its a perfect quilt pattern since I never crack open a book unless I have a quilt to cuddle up in.

  7. Linda

    Have a wedding quilt to make and this is what they pick out:) Do you have a pattern/instructions?

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