Featured by the Modern Quilt Guild

27th February 2012

Today, one of my quilts has been featured on the Modern Quilt Guild website as part of their “Use What You Have” series.

I am not the type to run out & buy the latest collection of fabrics by the hottest designer. In fact, I have to admit that quite a bit of the fabric I own is actually cut-up cotton clothing, solids, & fabric I bought sometime over the last decade. This is not to say I don’t like to buy fabric (just ask my husband), but I often find that the limitations imposed by using only what I have on hand can bring about interesting design elements that I may not have come up with otherwise.

Click here to see my original post about this quilt. Click here to see more quilts I have made.

3 thoughts on “Featured by the Modern Quilt Guild

  1. Brenda

    fun and lovely quilt. I’m with you in not buying the latest and greatest fabric lines. I’m thrifty and I buy what appeals to me, and sometimes that’s the fabric in the sales bin no one else loves.

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