Woodland placemat

16th September 2011

My kids use placemats constantly – we have a wood table, & tablecloths just aren’t feasible for regular use. So, placemats really help keep mealtime mess to a minimum. And since our table is small, the kids use miniature placemats (inspired by some we picked up at PB Kids years ago).

My (almost) five-year-old is an animal expert & has asked for some more animal-themed placemats, so I am obliging. I used some of my patchwork from last week to whip this one up.

No binding – I stitched the edges, right sides together (the back is an upcycled shirt), with a piece of batting on the back. Then, I turned it right-side out & top-stitched close to the edge. I quilted it in a fun random right-angle design inspired by FITF.

Before sewing it together, the rectangles are 10″x12″. After sewing everything together, quilting, & washing, it shrinks down to about 9″x11″. Perfect for a little salad plate or bowl & a cup.

This is his new favorite. He loves spotting the creatures while he’s eating.

Ready for breakfast…

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