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20th September 2012

What do you say when you haven’t really blogged for over a year? Well, I’m still alive. I’ve been busy renovating (we need more bedrooms around here), landscaping, traveling, reading, writing, teaching, cooking – all that good stuff. And especially taking care of baby girl. I’m obsessed with her, even though she calls me “Dad.” I’m making quilts too, but can’t post them here right now. Boo. However, you can see where my quilty brain is right now by following my Patchwork board on Pinterest.

Anyway, tonight I will be at the SLMQG meeting, talking about improv & embarrassing myself. As usual, life conspired against my coming (hubby out of town, soccer game, AND another meeting). But somehow it has worked out this time! I’d love to see you if you can make it. And tell me if I have something in my teeth before I start talking. :)

Here is a picture from one of my adventures earlier this year. If you can tell me where this was taken, you might win a little something…

17 thoughts on “yeah, so…

  1. Tanya

    I am excited to see what you have to share at the meeting tonight! I have no idea where that picture is from, but guessing on the color of the grass alone, I guess Scotland or Ireland?

  2. Anna

    I have no idea where your pic was taken (although I want to say Portugal, just as a random guess with that castle-looking structure), but lovely to see you back in this space!

  3. Jenny C

    Thank you for teaching tonight – nothing embarrassing or in your teeth – I think we all learnt something new!

  4. Jolene

    When I saw your blog post my heart skipped a beat… SO glad to hear from one of my mostest favorite quilters> And quilts you can’t show us? I’m dying of curiousity, but hoping we do get to see them someday:) I have no idea where your photo is from… I wish I did!

  5. Brooke

    Your class last night was great! In fact, you’ve helped give me some ideas for a project I’m currently working on. I can imagine that free-piecing can be really freeing – not being so concerned with so many rules. Thanks for coming last night!

  6. jennifer rodriguez

    I was at the meeting and you were amazing! So very talented and humble (a combo not often seen) You totally inspired me!! Making parts of my Weekender bag and nametag for Sewing Summit a la improv ( no jokes..ha,ha) Thanks for helping me explore a new area!!

  7. Jolie

    hooray for your return! Look forward to when we *can* see the new quilts, I’m sure they’ll be worth the wait!
    I have no idea where the photo was taken, but it looks like fun part of the world to spend a few hours – what a great sculpture! (and that building in the background looks so intriguing!)

  8. yahaira

    Hi Jess, I’ve tried emailing and sending tweets. I thought I’d try your blog instead. Could you send me my fabric from the mid mod bee back? I would love to work on the quilt on my own.

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